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Wedding Sand Ceremony – A Hot, New Wedding Trend

The wedding ceremony is meant to bring together the couples so that they can spend the entire life together. To be different from others, people are trying out new ideas and the wedding unity candles are such innovations. In fact, irrespective of how old the current follow may be, its roots can be traced again to the oldest times of human civilization. To describe the process, the family members will keep the sands of different colours in different vases, and the couple has to pour the sand into one single vase after the marriage and the separate vases signify the two different lives of the couple whereas after pouring the sand into one the life of the coupe also gets unified. This is an awesome happening.

It is left to the couples to choose the colour of the vase and they can match the theme of the draperies or the room so that the decoration takes a new look. You can also carve your name or the initials on the vases so that it can add a special meaning to the nuptials. The guests offer the newlywed couples money instead of any gift so that the couples can enjoy it differently and many people prefer to give the wishing wells in an envelope. It may so happen that you want to get some more ideas about the unity sand ceremony but you can get to know about various such companies from the leading websites. The unity sand ceremony is one of the most happening events in any wedding occasion because this has a wider meaning altogether.

While the most common is three there are a lot of colors involved. More traditional colours include blue or black for the man, white, pink or red for the woman. That doesn’t mean you need to stick with these, but it’s a starting point. Wedding sand is a very important part of a special ritual, so choose something you’ll cherish for years to come.
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Do not pay any of your responders a cash until you meet personally with them, and constantly have your betrothed with you, for your safety’s sake. Planning everything will ensure that you don’t have to wake up in the AM hours to get everything done and take some time to relax if at all possible. For much more in depth data sand art supplies.
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According to the aged people, there is meaning to every ritual and this unity candle or sand ritual also has some significance. To add variation, there are many couples who use the candles to show their love and commitment towards each other and this is the only object that shows the bond of the two lives.