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How to Encourage Better Performance for Employees through Incentives

Sometimes, employees may get the idea that their employees are not so much engaged in work as they should be. They thus embark on identifying factors that could bring about motivation and thus increase the performance of the employees. Well, motivation is among these factors that increase motivation. It is not all the time that employees have to spend a lot of funds on incentives. Some are relatively inexpensive. Even the least expensive of these incentives boost employee motivation effectively. One of them is shout-outs. For any employee who does a great job, employees should recognize the efforts. You do not require to call the employee into your office to give the shout-out. You could, for instance, give them in group chats or even through email newsletters. Such small but kind gestures can create a great impact on employees’ morale and motivation. Notably, recognition makes employees to take pride in their tasks and efforts. Also, recognition make employees more satisfied with jobs and as a result, they perform even better.

Personalizing goals can be a vital incentive. Ensure you get to each employee and know their goals and the link with general organizational goals. Personalized goals are more motivating to employees as opposed to overall company goals. The employees employ all efforts to attain these goals and shine in the specific roles. Besides, you can use profit shares as opposed to cash bonuses. This way employees take pride in their efforts and overall success of the business. You can offer gift cards to places where the employees can have amazing experiences including restaurants and movie theatres; also include options such as paid leave and paid trips. Such experiences make them feel valued and loved, and thus would they like and value their jobs. Flexibility is also a vital form of incentive for employees. Ensure the working hours, supervision as well as monitoring are all reasonable. Autonomy in tasks can also encourage them to improve productivity without pressure.

Most employers have at a time heard of a plaque award. But at the same time, you should consider how the plaque award can improve motivation. A plaque award can differentiate your business from the rest. For example, you can give gifts that can be displayed in the working areas to the employees. You can also issue a plaque award in form of a gift cards to employees or other places to employees. Discounts on services such as gym subscription or membership, could be an essential form of a plaque award. The plaque award thus indicates your concern and care for employees and can consequently ensure motivation and increased productivity.

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