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When to Hire a Professional Furnace Repair Service

The majority of homeowners think of a broken furnace as one that stops functioning, but that is not always the case. There are some other pointers to a furnace that is broken in addition to the mechanical failures, that the furnace is broken but still appears to be working. Most issues with your heater will probably require the services of a professional. Howevere, some maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks are basic enough for any homeowner to perform.

Issues with the heating system can be potentially dangerous thus the need to always assess the problems carefully and be ready to call a professional for furnace repair. If your furnace displays any of the following, take it as an indication of the need to have it repaired and schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician as soon as possible.

Less Heat Production
Sometimes the system may continue being operational, but you will see a diminished flow of warm air. When this is the case, most homeowners respond by raising the thermostat setting. When the problem advances, even the highest setting can fail to provide the heat you need. Before the problem can grow to this point, it is advisable that you call a furnace repair technician to carry out a review. The cause of the problem may be a faulty thermostat, leaky ductwork or the intermittent pilot ignition system.

Problem of Switching On or Staying On
If the furnace takes a long time to kick on, or it kicks on as usual but doesn’t stay on, the issue could be a faulty wiring, broken thermostat, or a problem with the pilot light ignition. This could also mean a problem with the distribution fan motor.

The Unit Produces Excess Noise
While there is no one single furnace that is entirely silent, it is important that you check on a furnace that radiates unusual groaning sounds, whining or banging. This may be a sign that the system has a difficulty igniting, has a belt that is loose, or has a worn out part that will break soon.

Energy Bills Keep Escalating
If your energy bills have turned high this time, you might be experiencing problems with the air distribution fan that won’t kick off, or increased thermostat setting to compensate for the lack of heat. Another the problem that can lead to the high bills could be that the furnace is not performing efficiently due to blocked air filter or leaky ducts. When it gets to this; you can have a professional check on the issues and help you get the furnace back to its correct working order.

In the end, calling a professional furnace repair service will keep you off stress and will ensure that your home is well heated and that the energy bills remain reasonable.

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