Requirements For Long Term Care Staffing

Long term care is required for progressive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer. The facilities that provide care may also provide temporary care for elderly individuals who underwent major surgery. The administrators for the facilities manage the staffing needs for the facility. Local recruiters assist them in acquiring long term care staffing. The recruiters assess the requirements for candidates.

Bachelor of Nursing Degree

First, all nursing staff must complete at least a bachelor of nursing degree. The degree programs prepare the candidates for a registered nursing position. The registered nursing program can be completed through an accelerated learning program. The degree programs qualify the candidates for more advanced job positions. Any nurse that wishes to become an administrator in the future completes a master degree program.

Valid State Nursing License

The nurses must complete and pass a state licensing exam for the state in which they want to work. The license must be renewed according to the requirements of the state. If they choose to move, they will need to retake an examination for that state. They must pay all applicable fees before scheduling the examination. A recruiter will verify the candidate’s license.

Expectations for Administrators

All long term care administrators must complete a four-year degree program in health care administration. They may choose to complete a master degree program to reduce their experience requirements. Next, they must complete 1,000 hours through the administrator training program. They must also complete and pass a state license as an administrator.

Criminal Background Checks for Candidates

All candidates must complete a criminal background check. The assessment is used to determine if any candidate has a history of violence or felony charges. It is unlikely that a candidate will become employed through a long term care facility if they any felony convictions on their record.

Long term care facilities house hundreds of patients each year. These patients are often seniors and disabled individuals. The staff that works within the facility must fulfill all requirements for open positions. They must also exhibit compassion and strive for excellence. Hopeful candidates who wish to acquire a position in a long term care facility contact a recruiter now.