Tips For Getting The Best Results From Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can take years off a person’s appearance or reshape their contour dramatically. However, the results don’t last forever. The natural process of aging moves ahead, and the skin eventually catches up. In addition, natural weight gain can replace fat cells removed through a body-contouring procedure. However, patients who implement healthy habits are likely to get the longest-lasting results from any kind of cosmetic surgery.

Stay Away From Cigarette Smoke

Most doctors require that patients stop smoking two weeks or more before and after a surgical procedure, as smoking can hamper the healing process. In addition, smoking damages the appearance of the skin, so patients quickly lose whatever benefits they gained. Nicotine reduces blood flow, which leads to dry skin, and the carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke deprives the skin of the oxygen it needs to look young and healthy. In addition, cigarette smoke is also linked to metabolic problems that can lead to weight gain even after body-contouring surgery.

Care For The Skin

Another highly recommended tip is to be extra mindful of skin care after plastic surgery, especially facial surgery. This includes avoiding ultraviolet radiation by staying out of the sun as much as possible and using sun block religiously. In addition, most plastic surgeons and dermatologists can recommend medical-grade skin care products that work to cleanse and moisturize the skin and preserve its youthful appearance.

Follow A Healthy Diet

Nutritious food is another key to long-lasting plastic surgery results. A diet that is high in fresh fruits and vegetables will provide more anti-oxidants to the body. These are nutrients that prevent cell damage and help to maintain a youthful appearance. In addition, a healthy diet helps plastic surgery patients maintain a stable weight. Patients who have had body contouring procedures need to guard against regaining the fat they had removed, while facial surgery patients need to avoid stretching and loosening their skin through weight gain.

Plastic surgery can really transform a person, but the results can diminish quickly if the person doesn’t follow a healthy lifestyle after the surgery. Patients should consult with their doctor regarding additional strategies for maintaining results. To learn more about one reputable plastic surgeon in Sydney, subscribe to Dr Zacharia’s YouTube.