What Is A MRI And What Is It Used To Achieve?

In Colorado, doctors send patients to radiology for a variety of tests and scans that are needed to diagnose the patient’s condition. The tests and scans help the doctors identify the organ or organ system that is affected by the condition and establish if it has affected surrounding tissue. A local radiology group can provide these tests including an MRI.

What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging?

This test is a form of radiological service used to acquire images of the internal organs, muscles, and bones. Essentially, the patient lies on a moveable bed that is eased into a large cylinder. The imaging scanner uses radio waves and magnetism that produces an image on a computer screen of the patient’s body.

What Conditions Could Prevent Patients from Getting the Test?

Any implanted devices that contain metals, cochlear implants, vascular stents, and the byproducts of gunshot wounds such as shrapnel can prevent patients from undergoing this scan. The reason that patients with metal inside their bodies cannot acquire the scan is that it used magnets that could cause serious injuries to these patients. Patients who have diabetes, kidney problems, or tattoos may require modifications when acquiring these scans. Patients that have allergies to gadolinium or iodine should also tell their doctor before they consider these tests.

What Should Patients Expect?

The patients should arrive early for the scan as they are required to complete paperwork for billing before the scan. The nurse will provide them with a gown as they are required to wear a gown during the test. The patients shouldn’t wear any jewelry and will be asked to remove any metals from their body including jewelry for piercings before the test.

The scan itself will last about forty-five minutes per section of their body to complete. The patient can talk to the technician during the test and the machine has a light inside it as well as a fan for the patients. The technician will ask the patient to hold their breath for about thirty seconds in between each scan.

In Colorado, patients undergo tests and imaging services to determine the source of common illnesses. The results of these tests determine the exact condition and help the doctors determine the best course of treatment. Patients who need imaging services contact a radiology group now and schedule an appointment.